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Holiday Inn

Ls26 8EJ
United Kingdom

Our West Yorkshire (Leeds) Training is carried out in the Leeds / Wakefield area.

We will meet you each day at the location shown on the map.

Trailer Tests are conducted at the PATRICK GREEN LGV Driving Test Centre which is situated close by.


Which Course should I book ?

We tend to follow a fairly simple guide :-

If you have plenty of towing experience (eg work on a farm) then a 1 day course may be adequate.

If you have any less experience than that its a 2 day course that will be needed.

For the sharing courses we work on the same principal : –

For regular towers – 2 days together (Training 1st day then 2 tests are scheduled for second day)

For anyone else – 3 days together (Tests are held on the third day)



All prices are per person.

All courses are based on 1-1 training with the exception of the 2 or 3 Day (2 person) courses.

Price includes full use of our vehicle and trailer for the training and the test.

  • 1 Day Course – £345 + VAT + £115 DVSA Test Fee*
  • 2 Day Course – £625 + VAT + £115 DVSA Test Fee*
  • 3 Day Course – £925 + VAT + £115 DVSA Test Fee*
  • 2 Day Course – £325 + VAT + £115 DVSA Test Fee* (Shared training  on this course) ^^
  • 3 Day Course – £495 + VAT + £115 DVSA Test Fee* (Shared training on this course) ^^

* Indicates Non VAT item

  • £115 for Mon-Fri Tests
  • £141 for Weekend Tests

^^ Shared Training Courses

These are available to anyone who has more than one candidate needing training / test.   Please note we NEVER put strangers together on these courses and so they are only delivered to candidates from the same company or friends / family etc.

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