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Types of Courses & The B+E Driving Test

All our trailer test towing courses include the full use of our vehicles and trailers throughout the training AND the B+E Driving Test (please check this is the case if you are comparing prices elsewhere !!!)

B+E Trailer Towing Driving Test – What you will be required to do :

  • “Show Me / Tell Questions”
  • Reversing Exercise
  • Couple and Re-Couple Exercise
  • An hour long drive with a DVSA Driving Examiner (you will need to demonstrate skills over and above your car driving test – please do not under-estimate how important your current driving skill level is when choosing a course length)

1 Day B + E Test Course

  • Suitable for someone who has lots of experience at towing and reversing
  • Concentrates on preparation for the B + E Trailer Test exercises
  • General driving skills are assessed and improved in readiness for the Trailer Test.
  • Test held at end of the day – be prepared for a tiring day

1.5 day B + E Course

  • Still suitable for someone with trailer experience but allows an overnight break.
  • General driving skills assessed and improved in readiness for the Test
  • Test held on 2nd day after a further training session.

2 Day Course

  • Suitable for someone who has little or no experience with Trailers
  • Ideal for someone who would welcome more practice time
  • Test held at the end of day 2

3 Day Course (2 People Sharing)

Sharing trailer test courses are only available for work colleagues and friends ( we don’t put complete strangers together !)

  • 2 Days of Training with 2 Tests on the 3rd and final day
  • Driving shared between 2 people
  • Great for work colleagues

What to expect from the Training Course and Test

  • Our instructor will meet you each day at one of our training centres or a pre-arranged location
  • Training will cover all aspects of the Test (see above) – with extra emphasis placed on any areas that need more work
  • Regular breaks are taken to keep you fresh
  • For your training and test you will use our vehicle and trailer (unless you specifically wish to use your own vehice)
  • Your Test will take place at a Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency LGV Test Centre and you will be assessed by a Driving Examiner – Exactly the same as your Car Driving Test. The Test will last approx 1hr 30 mins
  • During your test you will be allowed 15 Minor Driving Faults – But you are not allowed any “Serious” or “Dangerous” faults – this will result in a fail
  • The Driving Examiner will give you the result immediately after the test concludes