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Our  Towing  Training  Centres

Our main training centres are based in Keighley (West Yorks) / Nottingham / Enfield and Heathrow. We usually have at least one training course running every day – Mon to Fri.

We can also cover many other locations and have training areas established at all the locations listed below.

Our minimum course is 1 Day and this is for one person at a time. With this course you will get around 5 hours practise and then spend up to 2 hours taking your test.

The 2 Day Course will give you much more practise time and the test on the second day.


To find out more information, including prices and current availability at each of the training centres please click on the location name (e.g West Yorks) – this will show full pricing and current availability :

Our  Regular  Areas  Covered

Other  Areas  Covered  By  Request  –  Please  Email  Us  For  Available Dates

Other Locations can be covered subject to test availability (please call to discuss)