Trailer  Training  London

Go Towing are trailer test course specialists for those looking to take the B+E Trailer test, which is a legal requirement if you are towing a trailer over 750kg and the combined weight of trailer and vehicle is more than 3,500kg.

We offer skilled instructors in London and across the UK, meaning you don’t have to travel far to find a trailer training course we provide. We have been providing trailer test courses for over 8 years and have a pass rate of over 80%. The towing test to obtain the B+E specification on your driving license is known to be very demanding and this is why you should always choose a company that offers a high pass rate.

The test is broken down into exercises including: –

  • Reversing
  • Uncoupling your trailer
  • And 1 hr drive under similar conditions to your car test.

If you are looking to pass the DVSA towing test in a short period of time, we offer intensive courses, just check out our list of locations which is on our “course location” page.