Terms  and  Conditions

Trailer  Course  –  Terms  &  Conditions

Course  length

  1. When booking a Trailer Course or an intensive course you are aware that the course length has been chosen by yourself. Whilst we can advise in “general terms” as to how many hours learners / trailer course pupils usually need, we cannot predict the number of hours any individual might require. If ultimately the course length you choose was not suitable “go! driving tuition” the company, or its instructors, will not be liable for loss of test fee should your instructor prevent you from taking the driving test at the end of your course for any reason they deem valid – in the interest of public safety.
  2. If you decide that extra tuition is needed on top of that which you have booked, we will try and accommodate this subject to the hourly rate of your course being charged in addition to the amount already paid. However we cannot guarantee the availability of your course instructor, or any other go! Instructor over and above the hours already scheduled

Course  Cancellations  –  Refund  Policy

  1. Any payment made up to 21 days in advance of course start is refundable in full (less 5% transaction charge)
  2. Any Course cancelled less than 21 days but more than 14 days before course starts – Up to 50% refund available.
  3. Any Course cancelled within 14 days of the start date – No refund
  4. Hours Cancelled by Pupil during course – No refund
  5. Candidate change / Name Change. The Driver and vehicle standards agency require a min of 3 days ( 2 days plus the test day itself ) for any change to the candidate details on the test booking.  Failure to provide 3 days notice will result in the forfeiture of the test fee and our training course fee.
  6. Any course terminated as a result of pupil not having correct licence, or any reason deemed in the interest of public safety by the instructor, for example – Influence of drugs / alcohol / medical conditions – No refunds

Test  Confirmation  Details  and  Required  Information

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure you bring with you your Driving Licence. Without your licence neither your Test or Training will go ahead and you will forfeight all sums paid for the Training and Test Fees.
  2. On your first day of training you should show your instructor the Test Confirmation letter, if you have booked the test yourself (it is not unknown for the DVSA to make mistakes over venue / date / time) and so our instructor needs to check that they have the correct details asap

Test  time  /  Date  changes

  1. Very rarely the DVSA will write to you or ourselves to change your test day and time for operational reasons. This is totally out of our control. Where this happens we will always do everything we can to re-schedule your course. If the new date is not suitable for yourself the course can be re-arranged or cancelled. If the latter is the case we cannot refund your course fee.